Resident Evil Village is still getting patched on PC for bugs


Resident Evil Village PC is getting there

At launch, I played Resident Evil Village on PS5 and had an incredibly smooth experience. But like a lot of other studios that are sorta new to the modern PC landscape, the game wasn’t as stable on that platform. We can expect another Resident Evil Village PC patch on August 24.

As you might recall, Capcom just recently patched the game. In that round, it was due to “internal processing to optimize performance,” as well as “minor fine-tuning to FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR). But their work wasn’t done.

This round involves fixing “certain CPUs that were unable to launch the game,” as well as “minor fine-tuning of certain graphical processes.” Given the enhancements that Village has had with ray tracing and the like, it was bound to happen. Hopefully everything will be smoother the next go around.

What will be the next go around, though? With Village complete, there are so many different angles that Capcom could take the series based on the ending (or they could just go in a new direction and scrap that bit altogether). This universe is getting wackier and wackier over time, with a few moments in Village standing on the shoulders of some of the weirdest bits of the old games.

I think they could go anywhere, really. I’m just hoping the next mainline game doesn’t lose sight of why the series has been getting a resurgence lately.

A second Resident Evil Village performance patch is releasing on Steam starting August 24th UTC. The patch addresses the following:

– Fixed an issue where certain CPUs were unable to launch the game– Minor fine-tuning of certain graphical processes

— Resident Evil (@RE_Games) August 20, 2021