Retro Studios changed their Twitter header image to Metroid


I’m glad they’re in charge of Prime 4

The Retro Studios Metroid Twitter-verse is heating up, as the company just changed their header image to a new Metroid picture. The last tweet was January 27, asking for a tools engineer and a technology engineer, but the header image was recently swapped.

So this seems like nothing, but a lot of people are excited over this very small banner change that was done without any sort of announcement. It’s really one of the first instances of acknowledging Metroid Prime 4 in years, outside of indirect recruiting links and that apology video three years ago.

While it’s not totally confirmed (again, there was no announcement), it’s very clearly Metroid Prime 4, with its blue hues (the primary color of everything Prime 4 related) and gritty tone. It’s not even confirmed that the figure is Samus yet, though it most likely is.


We’ll take any Metroid updates we can get at this point. #fyp #foryoupage #metroid #metroidprime #gaming #gamingnews

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I just have to say, I’m glad that Retro Studios is in charge of Metroid Prime 4. The game could have already been out by now if it was done under the old concept! But if Nintendo wasn’t even happy with that project internally, who knows what the reception may have been.

To take a trip down memory lane, Nintendo noted openly that the project “has not reached the standards [they] seek in a sequel,” which at that time was reportedly under the wing of Bandai Namco. In any case, we could get a Prime 4 update at E3 this year, as Nintendo seeks to hype up future products.