Risk of Rain 2 will unlock the Loader if you destroy nests


It’s grapple time

Risk of Rain 2 just hit another milestone on its Steam Early Access roadmap. Today, the co-op roguelike game added the Loader a returning survivor from the original Risk of Rain alongside a new stage (Siren’s Call), character skins, and unlockable skill variants. The update is coming soon to consoles.

After hearing this trailer jam, my mind drifted off to another dimension. I might not come back.

Actually, wait I need to tell you how to unlock the Loader. She’s attached to the “Guidance Offline” challenge, and to clear it, you’ll need to face the “unique guardian of Siren’s Call.”

There are eggs scattered around the level, and it sure would be a shame if something happened to them. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to hop right into Siren’s Call by selecting Prismatic Trials from the main menu; otherwise, look for it in the regular rotation. I was reckless and lost. It happens!

The Loader

  • Passive: Scrap Barrier – The Loader is immune to fall damage. Striking enemies with the Loader’s gauntlets grants a temporary barrier.
  • Primary Fire: Knuckleboom – Swing at nearby enemies for 320% damage.
  • Secondary Fire: Grapple Fist – Fire your gauntlet forward, pulling you to the target.
  • Utility: Charged Gauntlet – Charge up a massive punch for 600%-2700% damage that sends you flying forward. Deals significantly more damage the faster you are moving.
  • Special: M551 Pylon – Throw a floating pylon that zaps up to 6 nearby enemies for 100% damage. Can be grappled.

As for the alternate skills, they’re super enticing, but there’s work involved up-front. You can swap in variants before your run using the newly-added Loadout system, however, you’ll need to unlock them.

As an example, one challenge for my dear sweet Huntress is “One Shot, One Kill,” which requires collecting and carrying 12 crowbars at once because hey, why not? Another, “100% Calculated,” involves the Engineer defeating a teleporter boss within five seconds of it spawning. Have mercy, Risk of Rain 2.

More skills and skins are planned to be added in future updates,” according to Hopoo.