WayForward's sneak peek at incoming remaster River City Girls Zero


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I love the River City Girls. Y’all know that. So I’m stoked to see these early screenshots from WayForward’s upcoming remake/remaster River City Girls Zero, which is currently headed to Nintendo Switch at some point later this year.

River City Girls Zero is an updated, English language edition of Super Famicom title Shin Nekketsu Koha: Kunio-tachi no Banka, the game that saw our girls Kyoko and Misako make their Kunio-kun debut. Retitled River City Girls Zero, the new release will feature a fully localized edition of the original 1994 release, but will also sport newly recorded voiceovers, fun manga-esque cutscenes, and a brand new title track from the excellent Megan McDuffee, whose electro stylings and sultry vocals made the original River City Girls such a charismatic adventure.

river city girls zero cutscene

As you can see from the new image above, it appears that River City Girls Zero is going full meta, and sees the modern-day incarnations of the terrible twosome sitting down to check out their classic Super Famicom shenanigans. Hope they have an adaptor. If you want to borrow a SNES scart lead, Kyoko, gimme a shout. WayForward also tweeted the first screenshots of the action, with juveniles Kunio and Riki attempting to clear their names after being detained for a crime they didn’t commit. I’m up for fresh Kunio-kun action… even old fresh Kunio-kun action… so I’m looking forward to the release.

River City Girls Zero launches on Nintendo Switch later in 2021. River City Girls 2 is in development for a 2022 release.

River City Girls Zero (aka Shin Nekketsu Koha: Kunio-tachi no Banka), the classic 16-bit beat-'em-up that set the stage for River City Girls and River City Girls 2, is planned for release on Switch later this year. Here are the first in-progress official English screens! pic.twitter.com/i5S8QpkyVG

— WayForward (@WayForward) September 23, 2021