Roaches beware: Terra Formars title headed for 3DS


This ain’t no Bad Mojo

According to the latest issue of Weekly Young Jump, a Terra Formars game is headed for 3DS, for lots of maximum roach-killing action. It’s like a can of Raid, but for your Nintendo handheld. The game, tentatively titled Terra Formars: Akaki Hoshi no Gekito (Fierce Battle on the Crimson Planet), will follow Shokichi and the rest of the humans as they exterminate the Terra Formars themselves on Mars. In short, it sounds sweet. And it’s from FuRyu, who’s responsible for several other titles based on anime series.

In case you’re not hip to the Terra Formars jive, it’s an anime series you should absolutely be watching, with humanoid cockroaches hanging out on Mars. But dig this — they were the cockroaches that humans set in the year 2577 (that’s the future!) in order to colonize the planet, along with some mold. Humanity went up to check out what was going on, and was met with these freaky roach people. So, that’s disgusting. But awesome. Because you get to watch humanity’s warriors fight off enormous roach people, and where else would you get to see that?

The game doesn’t have a release date just yet, but will debut around 5,980 yen (~$55) when it comes out. It’s gonna be the next Attack on Titan when it gets big here, I bet. Calling it now.

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