Roadhog mains can't skip Overwatch's PachiMarchi Challenge


I mean just look at this Pachimari skin!

Overwatch is running the PachiMarchi Challenge this week, and folks, I need the new Roadhog skin. I know I’ve said I’m done playing this game, but I want to kill everyone with kindness. This is my look.

The PachiMarchi Challenge runs until March 22, and there are a few distinct rewards up for grabs, the easiest of which is just a matter of logging in. If you pop into Overwatch before the deadline, you’ll get an assortment of sprays: Junkimari, Tranquilmari, Pachirilla, Pachimada, Doomari, and Hackimari.

Overwatch is giving out six Pachimari sprays for players who log in before March 22, 2021.

Of course, as a “challenge,” you’ll also need to actually play some Overwatch.

There are three tiers of rewards, the first of which is a Pachimari Hat player icon.

You need to win three games to earn the Pachimari Hat icon.

Then there’s this squishy new emote for Junkrat.

The squishable Pachimari emote for Junkrat requires six wins.

And best of all, Roadhog’s Pachimari outfit. Nine wins and it’s yours.

If you score nine wins by March 22, you'll get the Roadhog Pachimari skin.

I appreciate that Roadhogs’s love of the onion-tentacle plush is a part of his lore, and I’m sure I’m not alone in deeply missing arcades right now – not just the games, but ticket and prize machines, too.