Robo Recall, one of the best VR games to date, is coming to Oculus Quest


Thanks to Drifter Entertainment

Back in 2017, Epic Games, pre-Fortnite craze, dropped a little ol’ VR project on the Oculus storefront called Robo Recall. It was fun, irreverent, and totally ahead of its time: if you have a headset I highly recommend you give it a shot.

It’s getting another lease on life too, as Oculus has announced that Drifter Entertainment (a studio with Epic Games alumni) did the heavy lifting involved to bring it to the upcoming Oculus Quest. For those of you who might have forgotten, the Quest is a standalone, tether-less headset that operates as a mini-PC. In other words, Robo Recallis going to rock with this thing with full freedom of movement.

According to Drifter CEO Ray Davis, the opportunity to help bring Robo Recallto a new platform arose through a relationship with Head of Oculus Studios Steve Arnold, and eventually he decided to involve Epic co-founder Mark Rein, who indicated that they wanted Recallon the Quest. It kind of went from there, and after “pushing the platform really freakin’ hard,” they managed to get a working build.

I’m stoked to try it out all over again with the Quest. Robo Recallplaythroughs are like a bi-monthly event for me.

Robo Recall [Oculus]