Rockstar has revealed what the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy looks like on Switch


You can toggle between every version on the site

Wondering what the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Switch version looks like? Rockstar has provided screenshots of every edition of the game, all you need to do is swap between platforms on the official site.

To be clear, go to that link and click around on the “select platform” menu at the top of the screen. The site doesn’t make this clear, but it will show different screenshots for whatever version you pick. So you can open two tabs: one for PS5 and one for Switch, and so on, and directly compare them yourself. For comparison’s sake, the header image has the Switch version in the upper right-hand corner, with the PS5 edition front and center.

Not all of the images are going to be the same, so you won’t get a 1:1 comparison in every case for things like weather effects. But it’s still a decent way to check out what the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Switch version even looks like: information that some studios keep hidden until the YouTube breakdown videos eviscerate it. Of course, it also works for PC and PS4 comparisons too with the same toggle.

Plus, Rockstar has provided the PC spec requirements at the bottom of the PC page (it’s expected to take up 45GB of space on PC). On Switch, we know that it’s going to be approximately 25.4GB before any presumed patches. It’s still weird how some storefronts display more information than others in 2021.

On any platform in any context, it’s going to be crazy to play GTA III again. Out of all three games, it’s arguably aged the least gracefully in terms of raw visuals and mechanics, so I’m anxious to see how Rockstar addressed a few of its “early day open world” designs.