Rogue Legacy 2 launches on April 28, and the first game is free right now


The sequel has been bulking up in Early Access since August 2020, and the time has come

Knowing full well that many of you aren’t into the whole Early Access thing (even for a sequel as tempting as Rogue Legacy 2), I’m stoked to share that the 1.0 launch is happening soon. Cellar Door Games will fully launch Rogue Legacy 2 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on April 28, 2022. Did you even know there was a sequel on the way?

Having checked in with the work-in-progress version here and there, I’ve played enough Rogue Legacy 2 to get a good feel for its metroidvania-style abilities, wacky classes, and the gorgeous new art direction that still hasn’t lost its luster even a smidge. It’s a looker.

Like the original game, so much of the appeal is action-platforming your way through a randomized castle while slowly accumulating permanent upgrades to improve your odds of reaching your next milestone — and eventually the end. It’s fun to slash baddies, explore branching rooms, solve environmental puzzles, and bring down big bosses in Rogue Legacy 2. It’s also fun to watch your numbers go up back at base. This formula works well, and I’m excited to pop back into the sequel without any content gaps.

Choosing an heir in Rogue Legacy 2
Choosing an heir in Rogue Legacy 2, quirks and all.

Since I last checked in, the developers have been finishing up the final boss, a full conclusion, “Biome-altering Burdens,” optimization work, and more.

The prospect of New Game+ is intriguing and scary, all at once. It’s the kind of hard-to-put-down roguelite experience that people like me tend to go all-in on. I know I will.

What about other platforms?

As for potential Nintendo Switch, PS4, or PS5 versions, my expectation is “probably someday!” But for now, Rogue Legacy 2 is just launching on PC and Xbox this month.

“We’re a small team, so we’re taking everything one step at a time,” said Cellar Door.

Worth mentioning, though: Rogue Legacy 2 is Steam Deck Verified.

If you missed the original, it’s worth getting a vibe check while it’s free on PC since it has so much in common with its sequel. The Epic Games Store is giving out Rogue Legacy (and also The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, another easy recommendation) for free until April 14.