Ronimo reveals the newest Awesomenaut


‘The Foxy ‘Naut’

Romino is still trucking with their AwesomenautsStarstorm update, and we have a number of characters and a new level to drop still. Ted McPain was the last addition back in December, but today, the developer has announced the “Foxy ‘Naut” — with her name to be revealed later down the line. If you’re an Iron Tier backer, you can try her in the beta now.

They expect her to be fully live in a few weeks after her beta ends,and she’ll arrive with Update 2.3, which also includes balance work on upgrades and abilities, as well as one extra addition designed to prohibit cheating. In the past, some players would quit a losing game only to come back as a different character and counter-pick. After this update, you can only play as the same character throughout — nice!

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