Rumor: Crashmo sequel cancelled for Wii U


This series is an unsung hero

All over the world, the series that started with Pushmo on 3DS is known by several names and sequel variations (Crashmo, Fallblox, Pullblox), but it might be at the end of its rope.

According to a rumor from Liam Robertson, famed Nintendo leaker who has obtained assets in the past from proven projects, claims that Intelligent Systems has shifted over to other projects. There was even going to be a Wii U Crashmo sequel, but that’s done for now — no doubt partially inspired by the death of the Wii U console.

If we never see another game in this franchise again, I’ll be really disappointed. This is easily one of Nintendo’s best new IPs of the past decade, and it deserves cameos in things like the Smashseries. But if it falls by the wayside like this, it will be forgotten.