Rumour: Injustice 2 PC port coming after sightings on retail stores


One, twice, thrice bitten, twice shy?

It has been reported that Injustice 2 may be coming to the PC platform, after shaky-looking store pages for the DC Comics fighting game appeared on retail sites and Game Mania.

The NetherRealm-developed, Warner Bros-published title launched on PS4 and Xbox One in May of this year to a positive reception. It would seemingly make sense for the fighter to make its way onto the PC platform, which has also seen Tekken 7 and Guilty Gear REV 2 build upon its fledgling reputation as a solid format for fighting games.

The problem here lies with the developers and publishers themselves. NetherRealm and WB have treated their PC audience with ignorance and contempt in recent years. The original Injustice PC port was a horribly optimised affair. Matters got worse with the insulting way the Mortal Kombat X community was treated, handed a broken port on release, which was then completely abandoned of balance patches and content mere months later (only to be eventually brought up to speed with its console brethren, but long after the community had given up on the game.)

The way these two companies treated their PC customers with those titles was, frankly, shameful. Should these rumours prove true, and Injustice 2 eventually swoops down onto PC, it will be interesting to see how many times the community are willing to forget any injustice cast upon themselves.

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