Sci-fi exploration game Exo One looks like a total trip


Boy have I got a gif to show you

Exo One is the type of game that’s better seen than explained. It makes total sense, then, that the first line under “About this project” on its Kickstarter page isn’t a written summary, but a gif — a short snippet of momentum-based gameplay that illustrates just enough to capture initial interest.

Zipping down a blue sand dune before launching off and gliding up into the clouds is inherently cool, and it’s even better with story context. Exo One is about “humanity’s first, ill-fated mission outside the solar system,” and the designers hope to provide “an entrancing, flowing, and exhilarating feeling of movement across a range of utterly alien exoplanets.” That ball is an alien vessel, it turns out.

If I have one concern so far, it’s that the game might be too minimalist for its own good, but dang if that momentum system doesn’t look like a lot of fun to master. Loving those landscapes, too.

Exo One [Kickstarter]