Sea of Thieves had its busiest month ever in June


Now bring me that horizon

Sea of Thieves launched its Pirates of the Caribbean-themed crossover A Pirate’s Life in late June. And now, just over a month later, Rare has announced just how many scallywags it brought to the ship.

In a blog postSea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate said that players were sharing reactions, fan art, and stories about exploring the new Tall Tales, and all the excitement from the launch of A Pirate’s Life resulted in the game’s busiest month ever. In June, Sea of Thieves saw 4.8 million active players setting out for tales and treasure.

“To all of you who’ve recently cast off for the very first time, jumped back in after a break or simply never stepped away from your regular Voyages, thank you from all of us,” wrote Neate. “And we hope that Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life (and the surprise of its unveiling!) was everything you could have wanted from a crossover on this scale.”

There are still more updates on the horizon, however. The August update is set to make more improvements, as Rare continues to fine-tune Sea of Thieves across the board. There will also be a Gold & Glory Weekend on Aug. 20 through 23, offering double gold and reputation alongside Seasonal Renown boosts for all treasure turned in.

There’s also a new set of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean cosmetics coming to the Pirate Emporium, too, as part of the August update. You can turn your ship into the Cursed Ferryman, get a Davy Jones Cursed Costume Set, or get a Condemned Captain Monkey pet. Yes, you too can have a cursed pet accompany you on the high seas, towards plunder and danger alike.

Anecdotally, I saw a lot of friends get back into Sea of Thieves around the time of A Pirate’s Life. It doesn’t hurt that it’s free to hop into, either. Maybe I’ll give the seafaring life another try.