Sega opens Humankind up to OpenDev so you can help shape the direction of the game


Humankind now bound for 2021

Humankindis a 4X grand strategy game about forging out a path for civilization. OpenDev is an Early Access concept so you can forge a path for Humankind.

As part of this afternoon’s PC Gaming Show, Sega announced that Humankindis coming to limited-access OpenDev so that the community can play early chunks of the game and give feedback. That feedback will be used by developer Amplitude Studios to ensure Humankindis taking the approach its players want.

OpenDev will have three time-limited scenarios, one for each core pillar of Humankind: Exploration, tactical battles, and city management. All together, the scenarios are estimated to be about three hours’ worth of content. Then, there’s a survey that Amplitude asks players to fill out.

This OpenDev reveal comes with a quiet delay of sorts. Humankindwas due out sometime in 2020 (not with a firm date but just sometime within the year), but it’s now set for 2021. That’s not an official announcement, it’s just the new window on the HumankindSteam page.

Anyway, if you want in on helping determine the direction of Humankind— or if you just want to play some early content ahead of launch for free — sign up for OpenDev. Here’s where you can find all the details.

Register for OpenDev and Leave Your Mark on Humankind [Games2Gether]