Sega wants to hear about your memories of the Genesis


I remember Blast Processing

With the Genesis Mini set to release in roughly six weeks, Sega is gearing up a new promotional campaign to garner awareness for the device. Shifting the focus towards the fans, the house of Sonic is asking gamers to share their memories of the little console that could and potentially wind up in a trailer for the micro-console. It’s a neat incentive to be immortalized alongside Sega for eternity.

To enter, just head on over to this site and submit a recording of yourself explaining your favorite memory of the console. You can do a terrible rendition of a theme song, explain about how Tails is worthless, chat about the underappreciated Vectorman (still the best game on the console), or just brown nose Sega a bit. You’ll only need to make sure you aren’t wearing a branded shirt and that your videos don’t run longer than a minute.

Submissions will be open until August 13 and any level of quality will be accepted. You can even record from your smartphone and send it in: this doesn’t have to be pretty! Non-English speakers are also encouraged to participate, so there’s no need to worry about a language barrier.