September's PS Plus selection gives us two brooding heroes


The Dark Loners

Sony has announced the selection of PlayStation freebies for September and it’s kind of a mixed bag. Darksiders III is the newest of the duo but is often considered the worst of the Darksiders trilogy. Batman: Arkham Knight, as well, was met with tepid reception and has gone down as a fairly disappointing conclusion to Rocksteady’s trilogy of Batman titles. Still, you could do worse than these two games.

If you have any interest in either franchise but never made the plunge, your time will soon be at hand. This mostly feels like a sleeper month, to me, but there are bound to be some fans out there. If you fall into that category, this selection will be available starting September 3, 2019. You’ll have a few extra days to grab this month’s selection, which included Sniper Elite 4 and Wipeout Omega Collection.

PlayStation Plus Free Games for September: Batman: Arkham Knight, Darksiders 3 [PlayStation Blog]