Set sail with CharaGumin's figure of Shantae villain Risky Boots


Fresh from the P.O.O.P.T.O.O.T.

CharaGumin, in collaboration with Volks, Inc. has opened pre-orders on the third figurine in its Shantae series. And finally, finally, we get the mightily mischievous scourge of the seven, the bane of Scuttle Town, the notorious pirate Risky Boots!

Risky, like her frenemies Shantae and Rottytops, Risky is a kit figurine, and thus requires several minutes assembly on delivery. Once completed, the pirate queen stands just under six inches tall, and comes with a choice of eye decals and a removable hat. I guess all that leaves is Sky and Bolo, and the quintet of playable characters is complete.

If you’d like to pre-order Risky Boots, then she is available for pre-order now over at the official Volks site for around $83 USD, not including shipping costs or any potential customs charges. Move fast, as pre-orders will close on July 25, with Risky expected to ship (no pun intended) at the end of August.

Back in the digital world, Risky will return in Shantae 5, currently in development at WayForward for a 2019 release.