Shop for an axe while playing Golden Axe on your phone


Insert Lord of the Rings reference here

Sega’s ever expanding collection of classic titles, Sega Forever, is getting a new addition today with Golden Axe. Hailed as one of the best beat-em-ups from Sega’s arcade roots, the game allows players to select from one of three characters (the barbarian, the amazon and the dwarf) to thwart the nefarious Death Adder’s scheme of destroying the world…or something. I’ve never really understand the why, I just like smacking people with my sword and the insane magic attacks.

As with the other Sega Forever titles, this mobile version will be available on iOS and Android, feature bluetooth controller support, have leaderboards and be totally free! The only caveat with the free thing is that this is ad supported, but you can pay $1.99 to remove them. I don’t believe they pop up during gameplay, though, so its not the worst thing in the world.

Thankfully, this version is based off of the Genesis port, so it will include the extra levels and slightly more difficult finale. While I enjoy the arcade release, one can finish that in 15 minutes without really trying. The Genesis version requires more tactical thought, which is always a plus in a beat-em-up.