Since Xenoblade Chronicles is a beautiful game, Nintendo made a beautiful relaxation video for it


‘Maracuna Woods – Night’

When I first playedXenoblade Chronicles, it grabbed me in a way that many JRPGs of that era failed to do.

It’s just a plain old beautiful game from top to bottom, littered with zones you want to explore and an utterly fantastic soundtrack. Over 10 years since its original release, Nintendo is reminding us just how gorgeous this game really is with a “seven-minute relaxation video.”

I have to say, it works! It’s basically just time-lapsed shots of the game’s various environments, set to several songs from the soundtrack (Maracuna Woods – Night and Escape Boat Camping). My personal favorite bit? It’s gotta be Satorl Marsh, which you can see at roughly 4:54 in. I’m a sucker for blue and purple marshes!

While I just recently finished the Definitive Editionof Xenoblade(and the epilogue) for our review, I have the itch to play it again. Thankfully at this point the universe is fairly expansive, with Xenoblade Chronicles Xand Xenoblade 2(plus its expansion). I have an iteration to replay every few years, cycling on and off!