Sinemia wants the movie subscription mantle


Knock, knock, MoviePass

In an attempt to wrest the movie-going subscription market from the grips of MoviePass,Sinemiahas announced their unlimited offer. While a bit pricier, the $30 a month subscription offers a movie a day, the same plan MoviePass once offered in a time ago that feels so distant. In what MoviePass seemingly failed to do, the brains behindSinemiaused fiscal sense and a calculator to come up with a subscription plan they feel is sustainable while still providing a positive service to its users.

The ticket purchasing options available throughSinemiaand AMC’s A-List outweigh the reverse-restraining order necessity of MoviePass. AMC subscribers can purchase tickets on Fandango or Atom, andSinemiausers can reserve their tickets in advance and select seats without having to physically be at the movie theater or be issued a card. The two options also don’t restrict the user to specific movies or times, an issue which has caused many to drop MoviePass altogether. Insanity may be repeating the same thing and expecting different results, but MoviePass is trying to change that definition while competitors take advantage of lessons learned.

MoviePass CompetitorSinemiaLaunches Unlimited Movie-Ticket Plan for $30 per Month[Variety]