Slayer is still a badass in this final Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator trailer


Out on June 7

The next version of Guilty Gear Xrd, Revelator, is set to arrive on June 7 in the west, after location tests were held in Japan for nearly a year.It will once again feature PS3 and PS4 Cross-Play, as well as add Johnny, Jack-O, Jam, Kum Haehyun, Raven, and Dizzy to the game. To celebrate the impending release, Arc System Works has unveiled a new trailer with English subtitles.

While non-fans will probably be utterly confused as to why there’s a vampire fighting people in the desert, this story clip actually kind of makes sense for those of you who follow the games. I know he’d be overpowered lore-wise (and is technically dead, but when has that ever stopped a fighting game character), but I was hoping for a return of Kliff, the first Guilty Gearcharacter I ever played.