SNES Classic will continue to ship as NES Classic returns to stores in 2018


Mamma Mia!

True to its word, Nintendo is working to provide supply of these two highly sought-after classic consoles. While SNES Classic shipments were scheduled to end by the end of 2017, now they will continue well into 2018 due to “incredible demand.” More SNES Classics will launch on September 29 than all NES Classic shipments combined last year.

Speaking of the NES Classic, Nintendo is bringing more to stores in Summer 2018. If you missed out and have some patience this is your chance to get one at retail price rather than pay a scumbag scalper.

Nintendo has, deservedly, received a ton of criticism for its handling of supply and demand with these as well as its Switch console. Seeing it recognize its mistakes and setting out to make them right rather than just plugging its ears earns respect points from me.

Nintendo News:Nintendo Increases Inventory of Super NES Classic Edition; NES Classic Edition Returns to Stores in 2018 [Business Wire]