Snippets of 3DS code found in Mega Man Legacy Collection 2


Maybe a future release?

Capcom stunned us all when they announced Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 would not arrive on 3DS. PC, PS4, and Xbox One, sure, but despite the fact that the original arrived on Nintendo’s most recent portable (with an exclusive gold amiibo to boot), it was not to be in the sequel.

Or at least, not right now. Based on a discovery from the PC edition, there seems to be legacy code involved with a non-existent 3DS version. Not only are there multiplayer strings for what seems to be a local competition mode, but there’s also SD card notations.

Now your guess is as good as mine if this is still a work in progress or wasa work in progress and Capcom scrapped it for whatever reason (lack of 3DS sales, or perhaps an emulation problem with a specific game), but it’s evidently there. We’ve reached out to Capcom for clarification.

I doubt toomany people would want this over a Switch port though.

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