Snoop on the sidelines of a '70s revolution in Sunset


Releasing May 21, 2015

The more I read about Tale of Tales’ new game Sunset, the more curious I become.

Amidst a brewing revolution in South America during the 1970s, players will inhabit a housekeeper as she cleans an apartment each week and optionally digs up dirt on her employer Gabriel Ortega. Turns out he’s involved in the conflict and, you know, one little peek couldn’t hurt.

This is a “first-person narrative-focused game,” if you want to label it. Tale of Tales expects it’ll last players somewhere between ninety minutes and six hours depending on how methodical they are.

Sunset releases May 21, 2015 for Windows, Mac, and Linux (pay once for all three versions). It’s going to be $19.99 at launch, but you can save $5 if you pre-order. Austin Wintory of Journey fame composed the soundtrack and my goodness am I fond of those color palettes.