So, is Cuphead tough enough for ya?


How you likin’ it?

Last week was very stressful for me. I had 48-ish hours to play and review Cuphead. Tight deadlines suck, but they extra super duper suck when a game is difficult. Just throwing enough hours at most triple-A titles will usually get you through them; stuff like Cupheadrequires that you put in the time in hopes that you’ll eventually be skilled enough to get through it. There’s a big difference between the two.

Over the weekend, I talked to a lot of people about Cuphead. How far they’ve gotten, what bosses gave them trouble, what strategies they had worked out, and what secrets they uncovered. The best games are the ones that make us want to talk to each other about our shared experiences.

Like, I had a lot of new Cupheaders tell me about the trouble the flower’s giving them. I used to hate that fucking flower! Not anymore though! Now that flower’s about as much trouble as a real-life flower (excluding any flowers that are deadly or poisonous, or flour for someone with Celiac’s).

Now that I’ve had a few days to reflect, I think that the dragon and the queen bee were my two most difficult fights. I felt like I spent way too long on those ones. They were way tougher than the final boss, at least for me. Actually, after I beatCuphead, I turned around and beat the final boss on expert difficulty. Then I went and got an A-rank on normal.Cupheadtrained me too well for that dude to give me any problems.

What about you? There are a lot of you playing it. According toSteam Spy, there are about 115,000 people on Steam. That’s just one place. Take into consideration that Xbox, Windows 10 PC, and GOG audiences should grow that number considerably.Cupheadseems to be getting the critical loveandthe sales figures it deserves.

So, how far did you get? What bosses are giving you trouble? If you tell me that flower’s hasslin’ you, I’ll come kick his ass again. I gotchu.