Sol Cresta might've started as a joke, but right now it's looking pretty tubular


Preparing to pew-pew

PlatinumGames has dropped a new gameplay video for its April Fools Joke turned real revival Sol Cresta, which is currently in development for PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch with an expected release date of late 2021. The new preview spotlights some of the new game’s docking mechanics, a core component of the Cresta shmup series.

As with the original 1980 coin-op Moon Cresta and its 1985 sequel, Terra Cresta, Sol Cresta will see players take to the stars to battle waves of enemies and devastating boss characters. As demonstrated in the video below, the Yamato space vessel can dock with various components in order to unlock new weapons and abilities — known as “Formations.”

The Yamato’s original unit, “Amaterasu,” offers three-way laser firepower, while the second unit, “Tsukuyomi,” carries a powerful homing missile cannon. The third unit, “Susano,” offers access to powerful drill abilities, including the wave-flattening Drill Shot. By mix and matching the three units, players can efficiently manage the Yamato’s weapon systems to best fit the current battle. Each combination also comes loaded for bear with its own distinct offensive and defensive capabilities, so master the Formation system and lay waste to the deadly Mega Zohar army.

If anybody had told me that Moon Cresta would be getting a brand new sequel in 2021, there’s no way I would have believed them. Then again, we actually weren’t supposed to — it was a joke after all. But I can’t deny that I’m pretty happy that this silly joke is becoming a reality. These recent trailers are doing a great job of getting me excited for launch day.