SOMA is in beta, but we can't play it (and that's probably for the best)


It’s just you and me now, Omnitool

The next spooky game from the team behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent is officially in beta. No, you can’t play it yet. Neither can I. But around 40 people are testing a “pretty much” content-complete build of SOMA right now, which puts us one step closer to the full release.

When is that happening, again? When it’s done, I’d imagine. In a blog post, Frictional said that “In its current state, all of the game’s big problems have been solved, so what’s left is to make sure that what’s there is as good as it possibly can be. Adding effects, improving the art, ensuring stability, making it more intuitive and so on. That’s what just about all of our remaining work is about. That and fixing all those annoying bugs that are sure to crop up.”

While we wait for the impending release date announcement, here’s a fresh screenshot. The full post has a piece of concept art and an image of SOMA‘s cool if unsettling main menu, too.

SOMA is now in BETA [Frictional Games]