Some Mario Switch games are on sale at Target next week for Mario Day


You bitin’ at $40?

There’s a rare opportunity at Target next week. In celebration of Mario Day (March 10 which alphanumerically abbreviates to “MAR10”), a handful of first-party Nintendo games are going on sale. That’s not something that just happens all the time like it does with PS4 and Xbox One games.

From March 8 through March 14, Target is running a sale on some Switch games, mostly Mario-themed ones. Super Mario Maker 2, Super Mario Party, and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020are all discounted down to $40. Additionally, Yoshi’s Crafted Worldis also $40.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxegets the sort of promotion Nintendo titles are used to seeing: A free Joy-Con steering wheel with purchase of the full-price game. Other Target Mario Day sales include 20 percent off a red Mario GameCube controller and 20 percent off some plushies.

You can view the Target ad here, complete with the “Fun to Play” section that has the likes of Super Mario Odysseyand Super Smash Bros. Ultimatefeatured. Not on sale, mind you. Just featured. It’s a great reminder that even when some first-party Switch games are discounted, the real system-sellers stay $60 until the heat death of the universe.

Weekly Deals in Stores Now [Target]