Someone made a 10 screen Game Boy monstrosity


Hey, it works

Ever seen a 10 screen Game Boy? Well now you have! Check out this video from kgws, who managed to make a “TV screen” out of Game Boys.

Unlike some other projects, this is both less practical, but more homegrown, in that it uses parts from other Game Boys: namely the screens. So someone connected the Game Boy LCD to an ESP32 system (cheap chip microcontrollers), and a Raspberry Pi. The main goal was to create an array of 10 screens, which are actual Game Boy screens, and play games on it.

The series of screens are melded together into a 3×3 grid, and it works! Using the “main” Game Boy, they’re able to play games and project the screen (which is intact on the Game Boy Micro) to the others.

kgsws runs through the entire process of the 10 screen Game Boy project in the video below if you’re interested. They show off their huge collection of Game Boy micro systems and all the Frankenstein work that goes into everything, including the teardowns and chip removals. This part of the video looks crazy, as they daisy chain all of them together into one giant circuit.

While not practical for most, it looked like a fun way to spend an afternoon!