Someone made an animatronic God of War Mimir head, and it's incredible


Mimir rules

The most memorable aspect of God of War, for me, had to be roaming around that little hub area with Mimir popping off.

Sometimes I’d just sit in that little boat and wait for him to finish some grand story: a true testament to how fun that game really was even outside of the main event action setpieces.It seems as if Bar-El Studio felt the same way, as they crafted an animatronic version of the Mimir head. The video below contains no CGI, and is just a working, moving severed head.

They got pretty much every detail right, from the dialogue to the actual eye runes. You can find more details regarding the process on their Instagram account: the Terminator-esque exoskeleton is particularly creepy. Looking at a non-bearded Mimir is arguably creepier! Going back through their account, it looks like Bar El Studio has been working on Mimir since May of 2019, when the eyes were formed, but the project was officially revealed in August.

Puppetry and animatronics have been making a huge comeback lately, with projects like the new Dark Crystal TV series on the rise. I’d love to see more of it!

bar_el_studio [Instagram via Sony Santa Monica]

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