Sonic 2020 project will be bringing fresh Sonic the Hedgehog news every month


Gotta Go Frequent

Sega has announced its intention to release regular news concerning flagship franchise Sonic the Hedgehog for the duration of the year. “Sonic 2020” is an initiative that promises fans new and exciting headlines about the blue blur, released on the 20th of each month.

It begins today with, well, this announcement, along with the release of several mobile wallpapers, Twitter headers and social media icons, all of which can be grabbed from the new Sonic 2020 website. Sega also aims to host multiple Sonic-themed events across the course of the year, building towards 2021, and the famous franchise’s 30th anniversary. Is a new game on the horizon? We’ll just have to keep ’em peeled.

The next major event regarding Sonic will be the release of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, which hits theatres on February 14. The film was pushed back from its initial November 2019 release date in order to address Sonic’s creepy-ass design, resulting in a far handsomer take on the anthropomorphic erinaceomorpha… Yeah, I had some college.

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