Sonic games are being removed from the Wii Virtual Console



The digital revolution has its conveniences. For instance, I tend to jump into FPS games randomly, playing a few rounds before moving on to the next one. Being able to do this instantly is great, and I don’t necessarily need to ownthe disc for a lot of these games.

But the digital era has an ugly side of course, most notably the fact that you don’t really own your media — so I do curb my purchases a bit. This seems to be the case with Sonic the Hedgehoggames on the Wii Virtual Console, as they will be removed on October 30 from the eShop (not your console). This is affecting Japan as we speak, but it seems like it may be a global issue as well.

If you still want your Sonicfix you can look to basically every other platform, including the 3DS eShop, which has enhanced Sonicgames.

Famitsu [Twitter via Nintendo Life]