Sonic Mania intro running on stock Sega Genesis hardware


Welcome to the next level

Sick as a dog today but I had to take a moment to post this.

My buddy Ken Horowitz, author of Playing at the Next Level: A History of American Sega Games and owner of Sega fansite Sega-16 posted a video featuring a ROM made for Sega Genesis featuring the Sonic Mania intro animation in .bin format able to run natively on Sega Genesis hardware via flash cart. Currently there is no sound, but it shows off what Sonic Mania could have looked like if it were released on Sega CD back in the day – which would have been an appropriate platform for the game. (Sega Saturn, doubly so.)

There is a forum thread where user matteus, homebrew developer of Genesis/Mega Drive games, shows off his work. And the original video with more details about what is happening can be seen here.

The video is running at stunning 216 x 120 resolution with 15 whole colors to play with — and how many colors does anyone realistically need? There is also a link to the ROM for anyone so inclined to play around with it.

Awesome stuff!