Sonic the Hedgehog and pals to join Tomy's Club Mocchi plush collection


Gotta Hug Fast

As Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary year continues, more and more companies are producing merchandise celebrating the Blue Blur and his army of fuzzy friends. The latest in this line of product announcements comes from Japanese toy manufacturer Tomy, who is adding Sonic and his friends to its collectible “Club Mocchi” line of plush dolls.

The Club Mocchi range of plushies are cute and cuddly toys stylized after a variety of video game icons. Characters and items already featured in the range include Kirby, a Zelda Octorock, a Splatoon Squid, Super Mario Bros.’ Boo, and Mario Kart‘s Blue Shell. The first item from the Sonic license will be the smart-alec hedgehog himself, alongside his fox pal Tails. Further characters to be announced down the line – a must for Sonic memorabilia collectors.

“Sonic is an all-time classic video game character that has evolved into a beloved lifestyle brand and we are thrilled to bring these amazing characters to fans and collectors around the world through our unique Club Mocchi – Mocchi – brand,” said Tomy Global Brand Director Morgan Weyl. “The signature look and feel of our Club Mocchi – Mocchi – items will even turn Sonic’s quills in the most huggable quills ever!”

The Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles “Tails” Prower Club Mocchi plushies are now available to order at Target, Best Buy, Entertainment Earth, MK Toys, and other selected retailers. Both characters retail at around $30 each and will release later in 2021.