Sony extends the online servers for select PS3 games


Smash is dead!

Back in September, Sony had quietly put up notices on the PlayStation store that a select few games would have their servers shut down. These games included Warhawk, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and Twisted Metal. Originally set to be discontinued on October 25, 2018, the date came and went, but the games remained online.

Now, Sony has sent out an official message stating that these three games along with Sound Shapes will have their servers remain online until January 31, 2019. I had heard a rumor from a community member about this change, but there wasn’t any official declaration that the games were being given a few more months of life until recently.

In my research about the change, the one point I saw repeated a few times was that Sony had promised to give 90 days notice for any shutdowns as per the box for Warhawk. The official note read, “SCEA reserves the right to retire the online portion of this game with 90 days notice. Online play requires Broadband Internet connection.” Since the notice had only been posted 30 days in advance, fans were furious.

Whether Sony was legally required to do this or not doesn’t matter, as the games will be up and running for the next few months. If you still have to collect some trophies or just want to relive Sony’s attempt at tackling Smash, make sure to do it now!