Sony has blocked Super Seducer from sale on PSN


Richard is ruined

Over the past few weeks, Super Seducer has earned quite the reputation on YouTube and Twitter. The game, headed by self-proclaimed “seduction guru” Richard La Ruina, is an FMV choose your own adventure title with the goal being to learn “tried and true attraction hacks” for getting women to swoon over you. While the game released on Steam without a hitch, it wasn’t available this past Tuesday on PS4 and there wasn’t any mention of that version being cancelled.

It turns out Sony has blocked the release of the title from its digital storefront. As confirmed by Motherboard, Super Seducer is not coming to PS4 anytime soon. Sony didn’t offer further comment, but La Ruina did say, “My comment is that I have no comment on this.”

While some people might start crying censorship, one has to remember that Sony independently operates the PlayStation Network. If they decide to not release a game for any reason, they are well within their right to do so. That might be ludicrous considering something like Life of Black Tiger exists, but that game is mainly offensive from a quality standpoint. Super Seducer plays into the “Pick-up Artist” culture that deals with psychologically manipulating women into sleeping with you. That isn’t a good look for a major corporation to be endorsing.

PlayStation Won’t Publish ‘Super Seducer’ Pick-Up Artist Game After All [Motherboard]