'Sorry, my face is tired': Internet clowns on goofy Mass Effect: Andromeda animations


More like Mass…effed up!

More like Mass Effect: Androids because

YOOOOOO pic.twitter.com/K4JdhQ5dcc

— Nibel (@Nibellion) March 16, 2017

With Mass Effect: Andromeda less than a week away and some tempered preliminary impressions coming in from reviewers (at least with respect to the first few hours of BioWare’s anticipated follow-up), one thing that’s getting extra attention is Andromeda‘s plastic-y skin and We Happy Few-contorted faces.

this is the 12th gif ive made of this mess pic.twitter.com/nSKcwM5zQ7

— Nathan Ranney (@RatCasket) March 16, 2017

In a dialogue-driven game, these weird facial ticks that don’t jive with dialogue are bound to stand out more (though there are also some hilarious waddling run animations and NPCs appearing and disappearing), unfortunately undermining the dramatic import of a lot of these scenes. Here’s a compilation.

Of course, this is a long game, and a few goofy moments probably won’t ruin the entire experience. Here are some more GIFs if you want them. The alien holding and shooting a gun backwards is pretty good, as well as all the people whose lips protrude like duck bills when they talk.

I am very excited for the full game to release.

And this is why I’ll keep my Andromeda preorder

I need to see ALL of it pic.twitter.com/tsD8EZ5Jak

— Nibel (@Nibellion) March 16, 2017