Splatoon 2 keeps it weird with an upcoming Twilight Zone stage


Stay fresh inside of a mind prison of your own design

We all know that Splatoon 2 is going to get months of free content like its predecessor, but the strategy has polarized a lot of the community.

Some call it free DLC, others call the retail build “early access.” As someone who has played both for many hours online and felt satisfied with the campaign I think there’s more than enough already packed in, but alas, Nintendo is adding more stuff regardless of how we feel.

Announced by way of Twitter, a new “Twilight Zone” themed arena is coming that will occasionally be cycled in. It’s not known how much of it will pay direct homage to theRod Serling helmed TV show that ran from 1959-1964, but at the very least we get an obvious title screen reference.

Bonus round: BestTwilightZoneepisode? It’s a tough one, but I’ll go with “Time Enough at Last.”

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