Splatoon 2 Toilet Paper battle comes to its inevitable conclusion


Europe’s most important result since Brexit

Europe’s Splatoon 2 community fought it out this weekend in the arena-shooter’s latest Splatfest showdown which featured, of all the topics, whether the end of your toilet paper should hang at the front, or the back, of the roll.

In what should come as zero surprise to anyone. “Hanging from the Front” came out on top, taking a whopping 72% of the votes and just pipping over 50% in Solo play. “Hanging from the back”, supported by clear etiquette-disaster Marina, managed to pull back 53% in Team play. Ultimately, it was a win for Pearl who, squid-demon or otherwise, is far more welcome to visit my bathroom.

Regardless of result, we can all agree they both look cool as all hell in those suits in the header image. I wanna polish Pearl’s shoes while she berates me.

The next Splatfest takes place later this week in North America, where the community will shoot it out in ink-based carnage over which monster is better: Vampires for Pearl or Werewolves for Marina. This Halloween-themed face-off begins October 13 and is probably more likely see a much more divisive vote.