Splatoon 2's FrostyFest brings New Year gear for your squid kid


Gifts available from official news channel

It’s almost time for FrostyFest, the winter event that takes place in the colourful world of Splatoon 2. To get your Octoling or Inkling into the spirit of the new year, a selection of free party items can be downloaded to wear in-game, ringing in the new year in style.

As was the case with the Halloween gear earlier this year, the New Year cosmetics are earned by checking into the news channel for Splatoon 2 via your Switch. There you will find an “Unwrap Your Present” button; click this and a parcel will be delivered to Inkopolis Square containing four items.

These items not only get your character into the party spirit, but each one also features an in-game buff. The items include a Twisty Headband, a Festive Party Cone, an Eel-Cake hat and a pair of New Year’s glasses that desperately contrive to say “2019” but fail miserably.

Splatoon 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch. Happy New Year, squid kids!