Splatoon is a shooter, so of course it will be getting DLC


Nintendo confirms it

It was pretty obvious that Splatoonwould be getting some form of post-launch DLC, but now Nintendo has confirmed it.Speaking to GamesRadar, producerHisashi Nogami notes that “we do have some plans to follow up with content to keep interest in the game post-launch. We on the development team are thinking of the launch as a first step of sorts. We hope to add to that in terms of content, and even to the degree that we’re hoping that this will become a franchise that Nintendo can be proud of.”

It makes sense, as shooters need some form of post-launch support to stay alive, since people are moving onto the next big thing all the time. No details were given, including whether or not any of it would be paid or free, but I’d bet on a mix of the two — and I’d include future amiibo as part of that paid DLC plan.

Splatoon dev teases possible post-launch DLC plans [GamesRadar]