Square Enix in talks with Epic to get full, non-chibi version of Final Fantasy XV on Switch


Good luck

As we learned recently, Square Enix is trying to get Final Fantasy XVon every platform under the sun. It’s already running on PC with some visual upgrades, and a mobile edition is arriving at some point with a truncated chibi graphical style. But the Switch is another issue entirely.

Right now, Square Enix is set on putting the fully-featured XVon Nintendo’s latest console, but they ran into problems getting the proprietary Luminous Engine to run. The solution? It might be Unreal. Speaking to Eurogamer, director Hajime Tabata noted that they’re in talks with Epic to see “what [they] could possibly do there,” in terms of using the engine or possibly even partnering up.

Given that Final Fantasyis sort of an evergreen property there’s no rush here, so long as it includes most, if not all of the DLC to entice people in. Bethesda is leading the charge in terms of downgraded but seemingly functional current generation Switch ports (time, and reviews/hands-on reports will tell) with Doomand Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, but Square Enix could be right behind them.

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