Square Enix teasing what might be Star Ocean 5


Oh the outrage if it isn’t

Whoever handles marketing at Square Enix really has a thing for annoyingly vague and slowly updating teasers, don’t they? After its teaser campaign for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided went fantastically wrong and info about the game got leaked, it hasgiven us another vague teaser. “This time we’ll do better, we promise!” a plucky team of Square Enix staff say while lovingly updating a page that tells us sod all.

In typical obnoxious teaser style, the page doesn’t give us a lot of anything useful. “STAR”, “2015” and “0 1” are all that we can see right now, as well as a Twitter feed of people yelling about what game it could be. Most of those people yelling seem convinced that this is a new Star Ocean game. It does make sense — the last time a game released in the series was over five years ago now.

Even if it isn’t Star Ocean, looking in to the page’s source shows “NEXT 2015.04.14”, so if I were a betting man I’d say we’ll be hearing a bit more about this tomorrow. I hate this kind of teaser…