Square on the relief of knowing Final Fantasy XV is a true Final Fantasy


10 minute behind the scenes doc

I am still enthralled by the stone cold stunner Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata dropped about ‘Final Fantasy disease‘ and trying to whip that team into shape, coming on to helm the project that had been in development for around seven years prior.

But for a more placid experience, there’s part one of an on-going, behind the scenes IGN video documentary about Final Fantasy XV‘s development (with a lot of pre-alpha footage from 2016 spliced in). A lot of it focuses on the thread of, “yes, it’s new/different, but for x, y, and z reasons it is actually completely in the vein of the rest of the series.”

Also at 3:39 there’s a monster with a failing, loose anus shitting out an icicle.