Star Wars Battlefront has a $50 season pass


Burn it all to the ground

No! No, no, no! We were doing so well, Star Wars Battlefront. We had that open beta that anyone could play, with nothing locked behind a pre-order wall. Gameplay looked like fun, and we got a bunch of amusing clips out of it. There’s even that Darth Vader PS4that a lot of people seemed to like.

But, all that glitters is not gold. We’re starting to see the Dark Side of Battlefront, and it comes in the form of a $50 season pass. That’s pricey as far as these things go. And bad. It’s also bad.

According to EA, the season pass is good for four expansions, two-week early access to each of the pieces of DLC, and a “shoot first” emote — an on-the-nose testament to your blind consumerism. Of course, we currently have no idea what any of the add-ons will be. We don’t know if they’re single-player campaigns or multiplayer maps or Batmobile skins.

EA is also selling an “ultimate” edition of Battlefront. It’s the deluxe edition with the season pass tacked-on. It’s going for $120 — no savings considering deluxe is already $70.

I’m going to link the season pass because I’m obligated to do that to prove this exists. Please do not buy it. That’s the only way this terrible DLC practice will ever die.

Star Wars BattlefrontSeason Pass [Xbox]