Star Wars: Battlefront II was originally supposed to be a multiplayer-only game


Eventually changed to add a campaign

Lots of folks out there have complained about recent efforts to drop campaigns from games (Titanfall, Rainbox Six Siege), but as Did You Know Gaming points out, the concept was actually rather old.Star Wars: Battlefront II, released in 2005, was supposed to be a multi-player only game, but execs apparently thought it needed a campaign so one was added — at the cost of the director having a nervous breakdown.

From there, the Did You Know team runs through a number of canceled Star Warsgames, including Battlefront III(which was supposed to have 100 player matches!) and that Darth Maul game. It’s such a shame to remember that Battlefront IIIwas “99% done,” and only failed because of a strained relationship between the developer and EA.