Star Wars Battlefront II will be officially revealed on Saturday, even though we've seen it


Darth Maul? Okay

We got a good look at Kylo Ren, Yoda, Darth Maul, and Rey in the leaked Star Wars Battlefront IItrailer, but we’ll get to see it in good old HD this weekend.

The official website is up, and EA is teasing a Saturday reveal at 11:30 AM PT. It might be a more polished version than the leak, and we might get more info beyond that CG tease, but EA did not specify what they’re showing, so plan accordingly.

As someone who was slightly underwhelmed by the first Battlefront, I hope the team has made more changes than cramming in a heap of iconic characters for folks to ogle at. At the very least a single player component is coming, but I really hope that split-screen support has been expanded beyond the junk that we got last time.

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