Star Wars Battlefront introduces playable Leia, Han, and Palpatine


Well beam me up!

The best part of the recent Star Wars Battlefront beta was the incongruity and anticlimax of seeing iconic characters like Luke Skywalker and Daddy Vader die on the field of battle squished by an AT-AT.

Can’t wait for it to happen to Leia, Han, and Palpatine. The PlayStation Blog has a post detailing the newest Hero/Villain characters. Looks like the datamining efforts were right.

Leia one-hit kills troopers with her blaster and is, “very much about support play, buffing team members, and holding positions.” She can also call in supply drops for her team. Han is about, “offensive output, damage, and mobility.” His Rapid Fire blaster lets you shooter as much as you want without overheating and he has a barreling “Shoulder Charge.” Palpatine has Force Lightning and Chain Lightning, plus a dash, though he is the main Villain support character.

Also what the hell’s going on with Han’s hair?