Star Wars: Rogue One writer would be up for penning a Control movie


Could we see Jesse Faden on the silver screen?

Control was one of the most intriguing new IPs among 2019’s releases. Remedy’s weird tale of reality-bending phenomena met with a positive response from critics and fans upon release, drawing praise for its rule-breaking atmosphere, shifting story design and lead character, Jesse Faden.

It seems that Gary Whitta was also bewitched by Control, as the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story screenwriter has expressed interest in writing a movie adaptation of the obtuse adventure. During an informal AMA on their Twitter, Whitta (who has previously worked in game design and game journalism) referenced Control as a game they’d love to adapt for the big screen. This brought Remedy’s Head of Communication Thomas Puha into the conversation, who replied with a tantalising “Let’s talk.”

Of course, this isn’t a confirmation of anything at all. The road to cinematic adaptations is long and arduous, filled with studios, suits, meetings and licences. Regardless, it’s very cool to see that there is a clear interest from both parties, and given Remedy’s love of making “movie-style” games, (Max Payne and Alan Wake spring to mind), it would be exciting to see a collaboration come to pass. For now, however, it remains a dream floating in the dark corridors of The Oldest House…

…Still, can someone see if Courtney Hope is busy?

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